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May 4, 2007

Down with Internet democracy, says Keen

Filed under: Governance, Web 2.0 — Larry Sanger @ 11:36 am

Andrew Keen wrote an interesting article (subscription only, I’m afraid) for Forbes.  Clearly, he’s trying to make himself the most hated commentator on Web 2.0, although I think Jason Calacanis and I have to be in the running there.  But Keen is certainly over-the-top in a way I’ll never be.

I have just one question for Keen: “down with Internet democracy,” you say, but what about Internet republics?  Or is it aristocracy you stand for?

May 3, 2007

Citizendium profiled in Assignment Zero’s first published article (on

Filed under: Other projects, Press & blogs — Larry Sanger @ 9:03 am

Evan Hansen, Editor in Chief of Wired News, placed a Citizendium profile (”Wiki Innovators Rethink Openness“) at the very top of the homepage, and congratulated the Assignment Zero participants who put it together:

The Citizendium article and sidebar is live at midnight at the top of — this is a great milestone for the project, you should all be proud! I’m really pleased to be involved in this project and to be publishing something of this quality, it’s a great piece of writing that proves the crowd can deliver. 


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