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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Advent.
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  • Advent Wreath [r]: A circle of interwoven, sometimes highly decorated evergreens with candles, used during the season of Advent in preparation for Christmas. The candles are lit on the four successive Sundays preceding Christmas Day, with a final, central candle being lit on Christmas Eve. The Advent Wreath began in Germany as a private observance in people's homes, but is now widely used in churches as well. [e]
  • Christianity [r]: The largest world religion, which centers around the worship of one God, his son Jesus Christ, and his Holy Spirit. [e]
  • Christmas [r]: Winter holiday beginning on 25th December; originated as a pagan festival but was adopted by early Christians to observe the birth of Jesus, and today is a major international event regardless of religious background. [e]
  • Clement Clarke Moore [r]: ( July 15 , 1779 – July 10 , 1863 ) An American scholar from a prominent family, well-known in his day as a professor at both Columbia College and the General Theological Seminary; generally acknowledged as the author of A Visit From St. Nicholas. [e]
  • Lessons and carols [r]: A Christian church service taking place during Advent. It includes reading from the bible, sometimes with explanation, (the "lessons") and Christmas Carol (the "carols"). [e]