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More information relevant to Albert Kotin.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 1951: (first) Hacker Gallery, NYC, NY;
  • 1958: Grand Central Moderns Gallery, NYC, NY;
  • 1959: Tanager Gallery, NYC, NY; 1960: Galerie Iris Clert, Paris, France; Pollock Gallery, Toronto, Canada;
  • 1961: Mili-Jay Gallery, Woodstock, NY;
  • 1964, 65: Byron Gallery, NYC, NY;
  • 1968: "Ten Year Retrospective of Albert Kotin's Work," Long Island University; Brooklyn, NY; "Kotin and Carton," Art Faculty two man show, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY;
  • 1982: "Albert Kotin, 1907-1980," Memorial Exhibition, Barron Arts Center, Woodbridge, NJ.

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 1935: "Exhibition of Oil Paintings," WPA Federal Art Project, Federal Art Gallery, NYC, NY;
  • 1936: An American Group, Inc., NYC, NY;
  • 1946: "First National Print Competition Exhibit," Associated American Artists, NYC, NY;
  • 1947: "J & E.R. Pennell Exhibition of Prints," Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.;
  • 1948: "46th Annual Exhibition," The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA;
  • 1949: "8 & 2 Exhibition" The New School for Social Research, NYC, NY;
  • 1951: "9th St." Show, the first "New York Painting and Sculpture Annual," 60 E. 9th. St. NYC, NY;
  • 1953, 54, 55, 56, 57: "New York Painting and Sculpture Annual," Stable Gallery, NYC, NY;
  • 1956: "Painters and Sculptors on 10th Street," Tanager Gallery, NYC, NY;
  • 1957: "First Spring Annual Exhibition," March Gallery, NYC, NY;
  • 1958: "A to Z in American Arts," Provincetown Arts Festival, M. Knoedler & Co., NYC, NY; Camino Gallery, NYC, NY;
  • 1959: "10th Street," Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX;
  • 1960: "New York Artists: A Drawing Show," Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL; Gallery Iris Clert, Paris; Pollock Gallery, Toronto, Canada;
  • 1960-61: Mili-Jay Gallery, Woodstock, NY;
  • 1961: Allyn Gallery, St. Louis, MI;
  • 1962, 72: Long Island University, NY;
  • 1963: "Multiples," Graham Gallery, NYC, NY; Key Gallery, NYC, NY;
  • 1963-64: "Hans Hofmann and His Students," circ. by The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, NY;
  • 1963, 64: Aegis Gallery, NYC, NY;
  • 1965: "79 painters who paint," held simultaneously in: Grace Borgenicht, Graham, Martha Jackson, Kornblee and Poindexter Galleries, NYC, NY;
  • 1966: "New York '66," College Museum, Hampton Institute, Hampton, VA;
  • 1971: Roko Gallery, NYC, NY;
  • 1994: "Reclaiming Artists of the New York School. Toward a More Inclusive View of the 1950s," Baruch College City University, NYC, NY;[1]"New York-Provincetown: A 50s Connection,"[2] Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Provincetown, MA;
  • 2004: "Reuniting an Era Abstract Expressionists of the 1950s.,"[3] Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL.