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A list of some works of Albrecht Dürer.


Title Year Original Location
Mary as Mater Dolorosa 1496-1498 Unknown
Oswolt Krel Portrait Triptych Unknown Nuremberg
Self-Portrait with Fur-Trimmed Robe 1500 Nuremberg
Portrait of a Young Man 1500 Nuremberg
Lamentation of Christ 1500 Predigerkirche, Nuremberg
Paumgartner Altar 1504 St. Catherine's Church, Nuremberg
Virgin of the Carnation 1516 Kammergalerie of Maximilian I
The Death of Lucretia 1518 doc. in Ducal Chamber of Art, 1598
The Four Apostles 1526 City Hall, Nuremberg


Title Approximate Year Created Original Location
Lamentation for the Dead Christ 1495-1500 Nuremberg
Crucifixion 1495-1500 Nuremberg
Martyrdom of St. Sebastian 1495-1500 Nuremberg
St. Christopher 1495 Nuremberg
The Syphilitic 1495-1500 Nuremberg
Head for the Purpose of the Study of Phrenology 1498 Nuremberg
The Albertina Passion 1500 Nuremberg
The Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand Christians 1496 Nuremberg
Hercules 1496 Nuremberg
The Knight and the Landsknecht 1497 Nuremberg
The Men's Bath 1496 Nuremberg
The Martyrdom of St Catherine 1498 Nuremberg
Samson Killing the Lion 1498 Nuremberg
The Holy Family with Three Hares 1498 Nuremberg
The Revelation of St. John (Apocalypse) 1496-1498 Nuremberg
The Great Passion (seven woodcuts) 1497-1500 Nuremberg
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