Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem

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The Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem is a federation of mainly Protestant chivalric orders of St John in Europe. It was formed in 1961. The Convention of the Alliance of Knightly Orders of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem was signed in Nieder-Weisel on 13 June 1961 by representatives of the orders of St John in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Sweden. Its main purpose has been to strengthen the international standing of the Protestant orders of St John in Europe and to facilitate a united front in matters of common concern. In addition, the alliance keeps watch on and counteracts the negative effects resulting unrecognized order.

The alliance has decided that only the member orders of the alliance and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta are recognized by the Alliance as historically legitimate Orders of St John. Also, it states that no other Orders, associations, or organizations shall in future be recognized as Orders of St John without consultation of and a unanimous resolution by all members of the Alliance of Orders of St John.