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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about Arts and Crafts movement.

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One of the interesting features of the Arts and Crafts movement is that it occurred at time of great interest in 'socialism' (in its broadest 19th century sense as a contrast term to 'individualism'). As a result, alongside the creation of individual artists and craftsmen in traditional ataliers (artists workshops), there was a substantial formation of other civil society organizations - specialized production units, movements, groups, clubs, networks, alliances and many other types of organized activity quite unlike anything else in art history. Here is a partial list of some of those organizations, garnered from a variety of publications on art history. (A similar list has been prepared for the Art Nouveau movement which saw a similar -- and to some degree overlapping -- burst of organization during roughly the same time period.

(The following associations, cooperatives, groups and organizations are listed in the index of Livingstone, Karen; Linda Parry, Eds. (2006). International Arts and Crafts. London: V&A Publications. ISBN 1851774467. 

The articles in that publication also include a wealth of additional information on many of them. The list does not include information on many private workshops, stores, shops and other profit-oriented firms that were also integral parts of the international Arts and Crafts movement. Although the effort here is to identify primarily "nonprofit", non-commercial groups and associations, any distinction between profit-oriented and nonprofit activities in this or other movements is very difficult to draw convincingly. Several firms are included.)