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This page contains policies regarding Addendum subpages.

What is an Addendum subpage?

An Addendum is an appendage to the main article of content, the inclusion of which would hamper the readability of the main article. It also should not duplicate content (bibliography, related pages, chronology, discography, etc.) found on other subpages.

An Addendum could include a detailed proof of some point made in the article, a detailed list explaining various aspects of the main article, a full explanation of formulas, and so on.

It is possible that information in an Addendum would also be elaborated in greater and self-contained detail in a separate article altogether.

If you have questions about the suitability of content for an Addendum or main article, the best policy is start a discussion about it on the Article's talk page or ask an editor, preferably an editor of the workgroup to which the article has been assigned.

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