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Eventually, Citizendium will be available in other languages. We'd like to see what languages we already have among our authors and editors, perhaps with a view to prioritising these. If you think you could write and edit in another language, then add to the lists below.

  • Please sign your name below by using # (to number your name) and three tildes (#~~~), under as many languages as you feel you can use to a similar standard or greater than your present ability in English.
  • Indicate whether you are a native or non-native speaker of the language(s).
  • Please try to be specific; e.g. writing Mandarin or Cantonese is more helpful than just Chinese. At the same time, don't be too specific; e.g. Spanish rather than Mexican Spanish is preferable.
  • You can add extra columns for more languages. The languages are currently sorted alphabetically; when adding an additional language, please add it to the end and it will eventually be sorted into the rest.
  • Don't add 'English', obviously. :-)

Note: this is not a vote on what languages to include. It is merely a way of finding out what languages we know, which may inform later decision-making about how to proceed.

Internationalisation proposal

There are currently two proposals regarding internationalisation. Please see and add to the discussion at:

Citizens' languages


  1. Shamira Gelbman (non-native)


  1. Supten Sarbadhikari (native - can do Eng-Beng-Eng translations)


  1. Domergue Sumien (non-native)
  2. Louise Valmoria (non-native)
  3. Jean-François Blanc (non-native)


  1. Jeffery Vernon Merkey (native)


  1. Igor Grešovnik (non-native)

Welsh (Cymraeg)

  1. Martin Baldwin-Edwards (native -sort of - but decades of neglect)


  1. Louise Valmoria (non-native)
  2. Jean-François Blanc (non-native)
  3. Petr Losert (native)


  1. Jan Marthedal Rasmussen (native)


  1. Bessel Dekker (native)
  2. Michael Geldorp (native)
  3. Michel van der Hoek (native)
  4. Pieter Kuiper (native)
  5. Martijn Lens (native)
  6. Erik van Luxzenburg (native)
  7. Hillie Plantinga (native)
  8. Jules Grandgagnage (native)
  9. Lin Barneveld (native)
  10. Stefan Olejniczak (native)


  1. Toomas Schvak (native)


  1. John Stephenson (non-native)
  2. William Porquet (non-native)
  3. Hayford Peirce (non-native)
  4. Aleksander Stos (non-native)
  5. Louise Valmoria (non-native)
  6. Juan J. Zubeldia (non-native)
  7. Nat Makarevitch (native)
  8. Jean Gebarowski (native)
  9. Luigi Zanasi (native)
  10. Domergue Sumien (native)
  11. Martin Baldwin-Edwards (non-native)
  12. Sylvain Catherine (native)
  13. Ro Thorpe (non-native)
  14. Pierre-Alain Gouanvic (native)
  15. Patrice Gross (native)
  16. Quentin Michon (native)
  17. Olier Raby (native)
  18. Philippe Briard (native)
  19. Daniel Mietchen (non-native)
  20. Kevin Jeannes (native)
  21. Thierry Henri Cauchois (native)
  22. Laurent Duthion (native)
  23. Éric Freyssinet (native)
  24. Albert Dondelinger (non-native)
  25. Stefan Olejniczak (almost native)
  26. Jules Grandgagnage (non-native)


  1. Jochen Wendebaum (native)
  2. Alexander Wiebel (native)
  3. Thorsten Alteholz (native)
  4. Jens Mildner (native)
  5. Christian Liem (non-native)
  6. Simon Koelsch (native)
  7. Tom Vogt (native)
  8. Louise Valmoria (non-native)
  9. Ro Thorpe (non-native)
  10. Christian Kleineidam (native)
  11. Karsten Meyer (native)
  12. Edi Goetschel (native)
  13. Daniel Mietchen (native)
  14. Emanuel Simmel (native)
  15. Stefan Olejniczak (non-native)


  1. Martin Baldwin-Edwards (non-native and basic)


  1. Yuval Langer (Native. Can do Eng-to-Heb and Heb-to-Eng translations.)


  1. Geir Thorarinsson (native)


  1. Denis Cavanagh (native)


  1. Luigi Zanasi (native, but mastery not good enough to write articles)
  2. Martin Baldwin-Edwards (non-native)
  3. Domergue Sumien (non-native)
  4. Louise Valmoria (non-native)
  5. Ro Thorpe (non-native)
  6. Paolo Benvenuto (native, quite expert in


  1. Christian Liem (native)
  2. Martijn Lens (non-native)
  3. Hendry Muljadi (native)
  4. Bessel Dekker (non-native)


  1. Chunbum Park (native)

Mandarin Chinese

  1. Yi Zhe Wu (native)


  1. Kjetil Ree (native)
  2. Lars Sundnes Løvlie (native)


  1. Domergue Sumien (almost native)
  2. Jean-François Blanc (almost native)


  1. Aleksander Stos (native)


  1. Paulo Rená da Silva Santarém (native)
  2. Roberto Cruz (native)
  3. Robson Corrêa de Camargo (native)
  4. Daniel Gonikman (native)
  5. Louise Valmoria (non-native)
  6. Ro Thorpe (non-native)
  7. Dalton Holland Baptista (native)
  8. Béria Lima (native)
  9. António M. Martins (native)
  10. Paulo H. C. Pareja (native)
  11. Vinicius Siqueira (native)
  12. Manoel Fernández Neto (native)
  13. RICARDO Gomes de Paiva DE FARIA (native)
  14. Rafael Azevedo (native)
  15. André Barbosa (native)


  1. Arye Olman (native)
  2. Andrey Khalyavin (native)
  3. Daniel Mietchen (non-native)
  4. Toomas Schvak (non-native)
  5. Mirzhan Irkegulov (native)
  6. Alexander N. Alexandrov (native)


  1. Igor Grešovnik (native)
  2. Dejan Papež (native)


  1. Joe Quick (non-native)
  2. Louise Valmoria (non-native)
  3. Daniel Gonikman (native)
  4. Eddie Ortiz Nieves (native)
  5. Juan J. Zubeldia (native)
  6. Martin Baldwin-Edwards (non-native)
  7. Domergue Sumien (non-native)
  8. Ro Thorpe (non-native)
  9. Nicolás A. Ramírez (native)
  10. Pierre-Alain Gouanvic (non-native)
  11. Shamira Gelbman (non-native)
  12. Guillermo Velasco Rico (native)
  13. Maria Cuervo (native)


  1. Pieter Kuiper (non-native)
  2. Johan A. Förberg (native)


  1. SundaraRaman Ramalingam (native)

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