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As one of the longest-domesticated animals, cows and cattle have played a significant role within Western popular culture. Sometimes carrying the power of life-directing myth, and sometimes merely depicted so as to evoke a hearty belly laugh, they have been portrayed in art, nursery rhymes, language idioms, advertisements, and cartoons and comics since the early 1800s.

Cows in the myth of the American West


The Cow Puncher by Robert J. C. Stead[1]
Pete Cow Puncher: A Story of the Texas Plains by Joseph B. Ames

Nursery rhymes

Hey Diddlle Diddle (The cow jumped over the moon)

Language idioms

American revolution cow commerce cartoon.jpg
The fatted calf/kill the fatted calf
Until the cows come home
Cash cow
How now brown cow?
Holy cow
Have a cow
A sacred cow
As awkward as a cow on roller skates
Cow poke


Hundreds of iconic and B-grade cowboy movies, see filmography and catalogues at cowboy and western (film)
Edison's films of County Fairs
Cow and Chicken


Civil War Era
The Far Side
London's Times
The Man-Eating-Cow (Tick Comics)


T-shirt designed by Woody Jackson, creator of the Ben and Jerry's cows. The shirt reads: "Moo. Deja Moo."
Ben and Jerry's

In 1983, Ben Cohen approached Vermont artist Woody Jackson about using Jackson's distinctive cow themed artwork as the hallmark of the fledgling Ben and Jerry's ice cream company.[1] The company has since grown to be a household name, operating around the world. The "Woody cow" remains a prominent part of the Ben and Jerry's brand.

Cow Brand Baking Soda
Milk Maids
Borden - Elsie the Cow
Chik-fil-a - The "Eat More Chikin" cows


Early American Folk
The Dead Milkmen (band)
Pink Floyd, Atom Heart Mother


Cow tipping
Postage stamps
I Never Saw a Purple Cow
Dropping the Cow (comedy troupe)[2]


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