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Franklin Patrick Herbert, Jr. (1920 – 1986) was an American science fiction author best known for the Dune series. Before becoming a full-time writer of fiction he held a wide variety of jobs. His fiction touches on a wide range of themes such as politics, ecology, and religion. His treatment of these themes resonated with the generation of science fiction readers who grew up in the 60's leading Dune to become a massive best-seller.


Frank Herbert was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1920. Shortly after graduating from high school, he moved to Glendale, California and talked his way into a job as a newspaper reporter on the Glendale Star. His first marriage, to Flora Parkinson, lasted from 1940 to 1945. During the 2nd World War he served as a photographer with the U.S. Navy. Herbert attended the University of Washington for a year in 1946. He had no apparent interest in pursuing a degree, only taking courses which interested him. He met his second wife, Beverly, at the university, their marriage would last for forty years, ending with her death in 1984.

He began his science fiction career slowly, initially selling a few short stories. The manuscript for Dune did not initially attract from major publishers. It was first published by Chilton, a publisher best known for automotive how-to guides.