Jon Henke

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Jon Henke is a social media consultant focused on politics of the American Right, which he distinguishes from that of existing American conservatism and the U.S. Republican Party, both of which he considers dysfunctional. He is a cofounder of The NextRight, a website for promoting new thinking on the right.

He had worked for the Republican National Committee and a consulting firm, New Media Strategies.

Henke is emphatically opposed to WorldNetDaily, which he considers an embarrassment to the right. "In the 1960's, William F. Buckley denounced the John Birch Society leadership for being "so far removed from common sense" and later said "We cannot allow the emblem of irresponsibility to attach to the conservative banner. The Birthers are the Birchers of our time, and WorldNetDaily is their pamphlet."[1]


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