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A list of key readings about Julius Caesar.
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  • Baehr, Peter R. Caesar and the Fading of the Roman World: A Study in Republicanism and Caesarism, (1998), deals with the memory and interpretation of Caesar
  • Dando-Collins, Stephen. Caesar's Legion: The Epic Saga of Julius Caesar's Elite Tenth Legion and the Armies of Rome, 2002 online edition
  • Dodge, Theodore Ayrault. Caesar, a History of the Art of War among the Romans down to the End of the Roman Empire, with a Detailed Account of the Campaigns of Caius Julius Caesar (1893) 789pp old classic; online edition
  • Fuller, J. F. C. Julius Caesar: Man, Soldier, and Tyrant, 1991, 336pp; military history excerpt and text search
  • Gérard, Walter. Caesar: A Biography. 1952 online edition
  • Goldsworthy, Adrian. Caesar: Life of a Colossus (Yale U.P. 2006), 608pp; major military biography excerpt and text search
  • Gilliver, Kate. Caesar's Gallic Wars, 58-50 B.C., Routledge, 2003, 95pp online edition
  • Grant, Michael. Julius Caesar, 1969 by leading historian or Rome
  • Holmes, T. Rice. Caesar's Conquest of Gaul, 1911
  • Jiménez, Ramon L. Caesar against Rome: The Great Roman Civil War, Praeger Publishers, 2000 online edition
  • Kamm, Antony. Julius Caesar: A Life (2006) excerpt and text search
  • Liddell, H.G. Life of Julius Caesar, 1886, 255 pp; old classic online edition
  • Welch, Kathryn, and Anton Powell, eds. Julius Caesar As Artful Reporter, (1998) 240pp; 10 esssays by scholars on Caesar's War Commentaries
  • Wyke, Maria. Julius Caesar in Western Culture, (2006) excerpt and text search
  • Zander, Horst, ed. Julius Caesar: New Critical Essays Routledge, 2005, 358pp deals with Caesar in literature, esp. Shakespeare. online edition