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Manga/About this Article

(1) This essay contains some extensively modified, rewritten, and rereferenced material from the "Manga," "History of Manga," and "YAOI" articles on Wikipedia. The primary author of this article wrote or contributed to those articles on Wikipedia and has made a serious effort to revise them for use here.

(2) The text is organized thematically and historically and is comprehensively referenced. There are two kinds of reference. For reasons explained below, please do not reformat them.

(A) Scholarly references to the literature and to reliable sources on the web. All web sources include a URL visibly displayed as part of the reference.
(B) References to manga, cited in a different format, and linked to websites with visible URLs that provide additional information, typically Anime News Network. ANN gives links, estimates of popularity, publishing history, and other material.
(C) The wiki-derived software used for creating this article includes some templates that were not and should not be used for formatting purposes. The primary reason is that they make the URL invisible, hiding it as a hyperlink under other parts of the reference. That means that a reader cannot copy or download a printable version of the complete bibliography. And that is useless. A secondary reason is that the templates waste a great deal of space. Therefore please do not reformat the references.

(3) Articles of this kind are often valuable mainly for their bibliographies. Accordingly, the bibliography is quite long. It does not cover everything -- it could not -- but it covers a lot.

Willy-nilly, Citizendium is an Anglophone encyclopedia, and therefore most of the references are to English-language, not Japanese-language sources. Individuals able to read Japanese well enough to read Japanese-language sources will have no problem locating them using the Japanese-language Google.

(4) Please put all substantive comments and changes on the Manga discussion page and do not insert them directly into the article (that excludes copy-editing). That way, everyone can discuss the proposed changes.