Paktika Province

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Paktika Province, in eastern Afghanistan, is on the Pakistani border. To its north is Paktia Province and Khost Province is to the northeast; due east is South Waziristan in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Area. Zabul Province forms its southern border, and Ghazni Province is to the west. The capital is Sharana.

It was once part of the province of Greater Paktia, along with Paktia and Khost provinces. Greater Paktia, as well as South Waziristan, is the home territory of the warlord Jalaluddin Haqqani and the Haqqani Network, affiliated with the Taliban.


  • Governor: Mohammad Akram Khpalwak
  • Chief of police: Sardar Mohammad Zazay


The province is under the 205th Corps of the Afghan National Army in Kandahar, and the International Security Assistance Force Eastern Regional Command.

There is a U.S. Provincial Reconstruction Team in Sharana.


Most of the Afghan residents are Pashtun, primarily of the Ghilzai tribe but also some Waziris. There is also a Tajik population. The province also contains a large number of Pakistani refugees.

Economy and Infrastructure

It was never a well-developed province, but the fighting destroyed its irrigation system and led to deforestation. Reconstruction is slow due to poor security.