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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Psittaciformes.
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  • Alipiopsitta xanthops (Yellow-faced Parrot) [r]: A species of the genus Alipiopsitta, found in the cerrado region of Brazil and adjacent Bolivia. [e]
  • Ara autocthones (Saint Croix Macaw) [r]: an extinct species of bird in the parrot family that was found on the island of Saint Croix, in the Virgin Islands [e]
  • Barnardius zonarius [r]: A parrot native to all mainland Australian states. [e]
  • Cacatuidae (Cockatoos) [r]: 21 bird species belonging to the family Cacatuidae, and the order Psittaciformes, found in Australasia. [e]
  • Graydidascalus brachyurus (Short-tailed Parrot) [r]: Only species of the genus Graydidascalus, found along both banks of the Amazon river and other major Amazonian rivers in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. [e]
  • Parrot [r]: Tropical and semitropical birds of the order Psittaciformes, characterized by a short hooked bill, brightly colored plumage, and, in some species, the ability to mimic human speech or other sounds. [e]