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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about Quiverfull.

Notable Quiverfull families

  • The Arndt Family - The family was featured on the January 28 edition of The Learning Channel's series Kids by the Dozen.[1] Rick Arndt is president of Safe At Home Ministries. He and his wife Cathy have fourteen children.[2]
  • The Bortel Family - David and Suzanne moderate The Quiverfull Digest and were featured in a November 13, 2006, article about Quiverfull in Newsweek magazine. They have ten children.
  • The Carpenter Family - The family was featured on the January 3, 2006, ABC News Nightline segment, "The More the Holier?", about the Quiverfull movement. Husband Ken is a Christian filmmaker. He and his wife Devon have eight children.[3]
  • The Heppner Family - The family was featured on the January 22 and 23 editions of The Learning Channel's series Kids by the Dozen.[1] The family owns a homeschooling resource company. DuWayne and his wife Miriam have eighteen children.[7]
  • The Jeub Family - The family will be featured on the January 29 and 30 editions of The Learning Channel's series Kids by the Dozen.[1] Chris Jeub is president of Training Minds Ministry. He and his wife Wendy have thirteen children.[8]
  • The Provan Family - Charles D. Provan is an author of books and articles on Christian topics and holocaust revisionism who was quoted in a November 27, 2006, article about Quiverfull in The Nation (magazine). His book The Bible and Birth Control is credited as providing important theological justification for Quiverfull. He and his wife have ten children.


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