Somethin' Else (song)

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Somethin' Else
1959 US single
Published by EMI Unart / Bob Cochran Publishing
Registration BMI 11274251
Release date Late July 1959
Recorded 23 June 1959, at Gold Star Studios, Los Angeles, California.
Mixed at Gold Star Studios, Los Angeles.
Genre Rock and roll, rockabilly
Language English
Length 2 minutes 8 seconds
Composer Sharon Sheeley, Bob Cochran
Label Liberty Records
Producer Snuff Garrett
Engineer Chuck Foreman

'Somethin' Else' is a 1959 rockabilly song by singer-songwriter Eddie Cochran. The track was co-written by his girlfriend, Sharon Sheeley, and Cochran's older brother, Bob Cochran. Released as a single, 'Somethin' Else' reached number 58 on the US Billboard 100 chart, and number 22 on the UK Singles chart. To cash in on the success of the re-released single 'C'mon Everybody' in 1988, which peaked at number 14 in the UK, the single of 'Somethin' Else' was also re-released however it could only manage number 100 on the charts.


'Somethin' Else' was recorded at Gold Star Studios, with a rhythmic beat identical to Little Richard's 'Keep a-Knockin''. Sheeley composed the song in order to impress Cochran who was a Little Richard fan. The drummer on both tracks coincidentally was studio session veteran Earl Palmer, but he was unaware of what Sheeley was planning with the song at the time.[1] Cochran overdubbed his own bass playing on the recording. The lyrics were written by Sheeley on the back of a book of matches, and describes how the protagonist wants a convertible automobile they cannot afford, and a woman who they fear will not go out with them. In the end, by saving away their money, they are able to buy a slightly older but better car, giving them the confidence to ask the woman out.[2]

A high energy rock number, the song has been covered by many artists.[3] English rock band Led Zeppelin recorded versions which appeared on the 1997 compilation BBC Sessions, and their 2003 DVD. The song was sometimes performed as an encore during the early years of the band. 'Somethin' Else' has been covered by numerous bands, including Sir Henry and His Butlers (1965), the Victors (1965), the Flamin' Groovies (1969), Showaddywaddy (1977), Roberto and His Rockers (1978), Sex Pistols (1979), UFO (1982), Motörhead (1993), Little Richard and Tanya Tucker (1994), Guitar Wolf (1995), and the Pete Best Band (1999).

Chart positions

Chart (1959) Peak position
UK Singles Chart 22
US Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart (Pop Singles) 58
Chart (1988) Peak position
UK Singles Chart 100


  • Musicians:
    • Eddie Cochran - vocals, guitar, bass
    • Jim Stivers - piano
    • Earl Palmer - drums
  • Production:
    • Snuff Garrett - producer
    • Chuck Foreman - engineer


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