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 Definition A Courant algebroid is a vector bundle endowed with a non-skew-symmetric bracket that fulfills all nice properties (Jacobi, Leibniz, ad-invariance). [d] [e]
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Further ideas

It could be interesting to also explain the works:

  1. P. Bressler and A. Chervov: Courant algebroids, Journ. of Math. Sci., vol. 128/4 (2005) (the arXiv-version is too old and buggy). They explain a conducting bundle construction and thus an understanding of Courant algebroids as (2-symplectic) algebroids. Also the association of a Courant algebroid to a (bundle) gerbe is explained, but I don't understand it well enough yet.
  2. D. Roytenberg: AKSZ-BV formalism and Courant algebroid-induced topological sigma models, hep-th/0608150.

Melchior Grutzmann 00:30, 13 December 2011 (UTC)