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 Definition An area of high moorland at the southern end of the Pennines [d] [e]
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The few books about the Dark Peak are pamphlets dealing with aircraft crashes, walks, and mountain biking routes. I cannot even find one about ghost stories or murder stories. The books about the Peak District in general are mostly about the White Peak. After all, the White Peak has more to write about: the geology is more interesting, and the human presence and activity was and is much greater and more diverse. This imbalance is reflected in the respective Wikipedia entries, though the one on the White Peak does not mention its importance as a mining area. So I am trying to correct the bias a bit, as I prefer the grandeur of the Dark. --Martin Wyatt (talk) 19:47, 14 February 2021 (UTC)

Finished for now. --Martin Wyatt (talk) 19:35, 5 March 2021 (UTC)

Possible ideas

Martin, I've been following your progress on this page, and love it all. The article might benefit from more images, if they can be had, and especially one near the top of the article. This is the visual age--people enjoy photos and even expect them. I think this is "article of the week" fodder. Nice job!Pat Palmer (talk) 16:41, 24 March 2021 (UTC)

The two photos I've added are not very good for the intended purpose, but then they were not taken with that in mind. There is another one I might add near the beginning - I'll think about it. More appropriate ones may be taken shortly as lockdown eases. --Martin Wyatt (talk) 22:23, 24 March 2021 (UTC)
I have now added two more photos, which will be it for the time being. All are really from the eastern side. It would be desirable to have others from the west and north. --Martin Wyatt (talk) 19:48, 25 March 2021 (UTC)
It's a beautiful view!Pat Palmer (talk) 21:03, 25 March 2021 (UTC)
Thanks. --Martin Wyatt (talk) 18:34, 30 March 2021 (UTC)
I particularly love the "Grouse butt" image (and the name). This place looks forlorn enough that I would actually enjoy visiting it. The last thing I want is to go to the wilderness and encounter crowds.Pat Palmer (talk) 19:11, 16 April 2021 (UTC)
In school holidays the popular bits can get quite crowded, but today I realised I went four hours without seeing anyone.--Martin Wyatt (talk) 19:49, 20 April 2021 (UTC)


Personally I think it looks a bit odd having a thin strip of text between a picture and the contents box, but maybe that's just me. --Martin Wyatt (talk) 18:37, 30 March 2021 (UTC)

I have no skin in this game. Experiment and please yourself! I'm loving all the photos.Pat Palmer (talk) 19:13, 16 April 2021 (UTC)