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 Definition An observational set of coordinates tied to the motion of an observer, used to describe physical events and possibly including a measurement apparatus. [d] [e]
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This article is a modified version of the material contributed by myself to an article in Wikipedia of the same name in a series of edits in July-September 2008 beginning approximately here and ending approximately here. John R. Brews 19:26, 20 March 2011 (UTC)

Thought-provoking article

For some reason, this is hard for me to read on the screen -- the width seems greater than on other pages, but I don't know how that could be.

It is challenging in the sense that it immediately makes me think of ...contexts... perhaps is a more accurate term, in several other fields. For example, see neurology#neurological diagnosis. In imagery intelligence, the interpreter often uses several means of viewing the same view, perhaps in visual and infrared light, or using spectroscopy as well as imaging.

I think I am going to print this for easier reading and comment. Allow me to make the usual programmer complaint "we don't no steenking badges weird symbols we're going have to translate anyway to implement programs for your ideas." I have a dream, at some point, of CZ having at least code examples for working with ideas like this in software. Howard C. Berkowitz 17:46, 21 March 2011 (UTC)