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 Definition The amount of heat stored in the oceans which is used by scientists to analyze and project climate change. [d] [e]
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First draft

In writing the first draft of this article, my target audience was high school and college students who want some basic information about ocean heat content and reliable sources for additional information. Since ocean heat content is a major issue in the scientific debate about anthropogenic global warming, I was careful to include sources from both sides of the debate as well as primary data sources for the more advanced researcher.

In discussing the historical development of instruments used to collect data necessary to compute ocean heat content, there is always some overlap of technologies. But I believe readers benefit from dates because it provides context even if the dates are somewhat arbitrary and imprecise. Rather than come up with my own dating scheme, I have chosen to follow the dates presented in Lyman and Johnson [1].

Wikipedia does not currently have an article on “Ocean heat content.” “Oceanic heat content” redirects to “Sea Surface Temperature,” which is not exactly the same thing. One of my goals was to write a first draft that would not get slapped with the “stub” label. But I do hope others jump in to make the article better.

One of my frustrations was in not finding an image to show OHCA changes over the years. The NOAA is a government agency and should have such images on the web. Unfortunately, the only ones I could find were not up to date such as this one. [2] This shows ocean heat rising quickly but fails to show the leveling off seen in recent years. If someone can get hold of an up to date image we can use for the article, it would be much appreciated.

While I tried to discuss the scientific interest in ocean heat content, I did not discuss possible uses of this heat. If others think its inclusion would benefit the article, you may want to use this resource. What is Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion?

Also, since this is my first article for Citizendium, I may not have followed all of the style points exactly. Feel free to correct me and teach me here.Ron Cram 18:09, 26 December 2008 (UTC)

Some help about writing article in CZ

Ron: I completed creating this Talk subpage for you by adding the {{subpages}} template at the top of Talk Edit page. Whenever you create a subpage, you simply add that template at the top of the subpage Edit page ... as well as at the top of the main article Edit page.

I also completed the Metadata template page for you. Whenever you create a new article, you should complete these items in the Metadata template:

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One other thing you should do is to create the "Related Articles" subpage by clicking on the "Related Articles" tab at the top of this Talk page or the top of the Main article subpage. Then enter the {{subpages}} template at the top and read the instructions on how to format the Related Articles subpage. In the case of this article, the Parent Topic article should probably be "Earth science" and it should be written as {{r|Earth science}}. Then the Sub Topics articles should probably include {{r|Ocean science}} or {{r|Oceanography}} or whatever you think is appropriate. Then as for the Related Topics articles, you should cut and paste all the "See Also" articles in your main article. Each of them should be written as {{r|Article name}} The "See Also" section is a Wikipedia feature which is not to be used in a CZ article. The "Related Articles" subpage is replaces Wikipedia's "See Also" section. Don't worry about listing Related Articles that don't exist as yet in CZ. They will eventually exist ... and listing them in the Related Articles will help other CZ authors to see that they need to be written.

I apologise for being so long-winded ... but I hope all of my comments above are useful in getting you acquainted with how to create a CZ article. Milton Beychok 04:56, 27 December 2008 (UTC)

Milton, thank you for adding the subpages template and for your comments. I was able to learn a little of this but most of it is new to me. I will work on the Related Articles subpage when I can. I am not certain I grasp the concept of Parent Topic article and Sub Topic articles yet. Can there only be one Parent Topic article? And do not apologize for being long-winded. I need all the help I can get. Ron Cram 05:23, 27 December 2008 (UTC)
Yes, you can have multiple Parent Topics and multiple Sub Topics as well. Perhaps, you think that Global warming might be either a Parent Topic or a Sub Topic?? I'm no expert on that, but if you think so, go for it! It can always be changed later. Milton Beychok 05:41, 27 December 2008 (UTC)

Images for the article

I would like the article to have a few images. It is my understanding that images created or owned by the US government are unrestricted. I would like to use this image of an Argo float available on the NOAA website. [3] Also, I am asking for an image of updated OHCA created by a scientist at JPL. He has allowed others to use the image but I am not aware of it being on any government website so I do not know the process of obtaining rights to use the image here. Can you help me out with this? Are there any forms he has to sign? What is the procedure exactly for obtaining rights to use images? Ron Cram 19:37, 28 December 2008 (UTC)

Here is a copy of the type of letter I use when requesting permission of someone to use a photo or drawing:
Mr. Jim Becker:
I am a retired chemical engineer and would like permission to use a photo from the Blackmer website in an article that I am writing on compressors for inclusion in the Citizendium. A copy of the photo is attached and it was obtained from your website page at
Citizendium is a non-profit, free online encyclopedia. Volunteer editors, including university professors and other experts, review all articles before they receive final approval. Volunteer authors, like myself, must be vetted and approved before they can contribute any articles and all authors must use their real names. You may visit the Citizendium at to learn more. You may also view two of the articles which I have written in the Citizendium: and
If you would grant us the permission to use the photos as a public educational service, we would be most grateful. We would prefer the photos be released under a Creative Commons (CC) license ( see ), but will gladly accept the terms with which you are most comfortable.
Your photos will be viewable worldwide and will be conspicuously labeled "CC Photo:Blackmer Company". If at any time in the future you request the photos' removal, such request will be honored.
Assuming that permission is granted, I will need to receive an email signed by you (or the pertinent person with authority to do so) stating that permission is granted.
Thanking you for your consideration, I am
Milton Beychok
Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA
The above type of letter has worked quite well for me on a number of occasions. Of course, if you can find a photo on a NOAA or any other Federal government website, then it is in the Public Domain. Hope this helps. Milton Beychok 17:08, 29 December 2008 (UTC)
Milton!! I did not realize this was you until I saw your Newport Beach address. I really did enjoy meeting you for lunch at Prego in Irvine. How long has it been? A year? Two years? Three years? Time flies by so quickly. Seeing the investment community in action was a bit different, wasn't it? Ha! Anyway, I am pleased to know you have brought your experience and knowledge to Citizendium. And I do appreciate your help in getting me acquainted with the site. Thank you for this letter also. I will use it next week. Ron Cram 04:29, 31 December 2008 (UTC)
Ron, that must have been at least two years ago and I do remember our lunch. I'm replacing my current computer with a new one this afternoon and it will probably be a day or two before I have it all set up ... so I'll be "off the air" for a while. Happy New Year! Milton Beychok 16:19, 31 December 2008 (UTC)