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hello all. I am ahmad arsalan khalid. ~50% of the people who know me, salute me as AHMAD and ~45% salute arsalan and the rest as Mr. khalid (this obviously is formal ). i am an undergrad student at LUMS SSE, studying Physics, cehmistry, biology, mathematics and computer sciences :). i am interested in almost all sciences, though i don't like being fed up about chemistry and i am intoxicated by mathematics and computer sciences. most probably, i can be found in library or in wikipedia :), if i am not in dining hall. my other interests include philosophy, i am a limited edition of rene descartes, poetry, i am a limited edition of WB Yeats, logics, here i am freelance and independent, working on some edition of logics which might enable the processors to think, create and visualize what human brain does :). other than this, i am all time wikipedian, but i started contributing quiet recently. oh no, i forgot the visual arts topic...i am also in ,music and in history, i love reading political theory and if categorized, might be included in idealists and radicalists, though i can hardly tag myself as fundamentalist. see you all active for knowledge, research and peace :) ciao.