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I'm Dave Truncellito, a professor of writing at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.CV. I teach theme-based courses which serve as an introduction to academic writing, research, and critical thinking for all first-year students.

My graduate training is in philosophy, and my undergraduate degree is in Mathematics and Philosophy. Before I began teaching first-year writing courses, I taught philosophy; I still occasionally teach a philosophy course. I've also done, and continue to do, a fair amount of online teaching.

My doctoral dissertation was in epistemology (i.e. the theory of knowledge); more specifically, I attempted to offer an analysis of the concept of epistemic justification. While this is my main areas of research, I'm something of a generalist: I've also published work in philosophy of religion, philosophy of language, and logic, and I've taught more than 20 distinct philosophy courses. In recent years, my teaching interests (in both philosophy and writing) have focused on critical thinking.