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After the Economics studies at "Luigi Bocconi" University of Milano, I graduate at San Diego State University (California) in Advertising and Media Specialist.

I worked as Marketing Manager in a large Food import/export company in Los Angeles.

I studied to become an expert in communication and coaching and I took the accreditation for using SuccessInsights® management development instruments from Successinsights International Inc. of Scottsdale, Arizona (USA).

I took the accreditation of International Coach Federation of Lexington, Kentucky (USA) in 2008 and I am PCC (Professional Certified Coach) Executive coach.

Paul Ekman Group certify me for understanding the human face expression (nonverbal communication) and I have the METT Advanced Expert level.

I am the author of "The 4C Leadership" witch is a management academy to improve personal skills leadership to manage people.

I am an Executive Coach for the Top Management of I&G Management's Client (

I am working as a Professor in the Career Service center of Politecnico University of Milano where I am teaching the "Personal Branding" course.