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I am currently managing editor of Ethical Perspectives, an international peer-reviewed journal whose focus is to promote dialogue between fundamental and applied ethics. My PhD thesis (K.U.Leuven, Belgium) was on Ludwig Feuerbach, which I wrote under William Desmond.

I have recently published in German on what I call Feuerbach's open dialectic, on the ethics of architecture, and on just war. I am currently preparing a text on the ontological arguments of Hegel and Anselm, and another related paper on Feuerbach's use of the ontological argument in his anthropological reduction. Together with a colleague, I am also preparing an English translation of Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten's Metaphysics (from the Latin)

I play baseball (shortstop) for the Leuven Twins, review alternative music, love to cook, and fluently read German, Dutch, and Latin.

Dissertation: Ludwig Feuerbach's Inversion of the Ontological Argument

Area of Specialization: Philosophy of Religion, 19th Century German Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Ethics

Area of Competence: Applied Ethics, Continental Philosophy, Mediaeval Philosophy, Metaphysics (history of)

Visit my Web site: My publications and research projects may be found there.

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