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In March of 2007, I completed a Master of Arts Degree in Philosophy at the University of California, Santa Barbara, opting not to apply for Ph.D. candidacy in the program, and I am pursuing employment outside academia (for now). My undergraduate work was done at California State University, Sacramento where in 2003 I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy with concentrations in (i) Logic and Philosophy of Science and (ii) Applied Ethics and Philosophy of Law. My interests and superficial knowledge span most areas of analytic philosophy (and postanalytic philosophy, to whatever degree there is such a thing). Most of my in-depth research has been devoted to whether and how it is possible to extend a version of Crispin Wright's minimalist account of normative discourse involving truth to normative discourse involving the good (rather than, as Wright prefers, to normative discourse involving truth about the good). Specifically, I am interested in whether a Wollastonian could make use of a notion of superpermissibility (analogous to Wright's notion of superassertibility). As a result, I read mostly the work of minimalists, anti-realists, deflationary theorists, instrumentalists, mathematical intuitionists, quietists, and skeptics (just to name a few), and I try to keep apprised of the wide variety of emerging viewpoints in metaethics.

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