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Martha J. Groom, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences program at the University of Washington, Bothell, and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Biology, University of Washington. She is the lead editor/author of the advanced undergraduate/graduate textbook, Principles of Conservation Biology, 3rd Edition, published by Sinauer and Associates, along with fellow editor/authors Gary Meffe and Ron Carroll, and 17 additional chapter authors and numerous case study and essay authors. Her research has focused on the influence of spacing on the success of individuals and subpopulations of birds and plants, as well as a variety of more applied topics. Martha has collaborated with Jaime A. Collazo of NC State University and their graduate students, Tomas A. Carlo, Jim Saracco, Rena Borkhataria, Jessica Gleffe, Leopoldo Miranda, and with Faith Inman and Tom Wentworth on a variety of studies of shaded coffee plantations and secondary forests in North Central Puerto Rico. Most recently, she has collaborated with Senior Conservation Scientist Elizabeth Gray of the Washington chapter of The Nature Conservancy and graduate student Patricia Townsend on a comparison of the ecological footprint of different types of biofuel feedstock, and recommendations toward more beneficial biofuel policies that recently appeared in Conservation Biology.