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This 19 year old male citizen of the Netherlands find citizendium very interesting and loves the concept of a online encyclopaedia run by specialists. He is not planning on working on many articles because his English is sadly not good enough, but he would like to offer some support and check topics he knows a lot about.

His English is very good, and besides speaking his native Dutch he also knows German and some French.

I was born on the 8th of November in the small town of Hellevoetsluis where is still live. I have changed my living residence only once in my live, together with my parents i moved from the house where i was born, into another bigger house in the same town. After making my way through the Jacob van Liesveldt highschool i spend some time working and home schooling my self, until i discovered an interest in writing and politics; that i am planning on actively pursuing via an open university program.

I follow Dutch and international politics on television, i am doing an active study of local county politics and i am planning on writing an article about the funding of cultural institution in my hometown for a local youth blog. I could write an article about: the Dutch goverment, both national, provincial and regional. Dutch law, Dutch politicians and a basic Dutch history of politics and law. Because i am still studying politics, i am not planning on writing an article about Dutch politics until i feel that i know enough about that subject.

A subject i know more about is religion and esotericism. I have read about 40 books ranging from Hermetics, Theosophy, Buddhism to Humanism, and i want to reread many articles being written here so i can give a solid commentary on the subject ranging from tackling the meaning of the word religion to highlighting missing information about a subject.

I also have an interest in art and music. I love concert and electronic music and vocal songs. I don't often visit symphonies or concert halls because my budget is low, but i enjoy al forms of music including pop and folk. I want to write articles about Karlheinz Stockhausen, Klaus Schulze and Hans Werner Henze, but that would be outside my area of expertise.

Mr. Van den Berg is no longer with the project.