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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Image/doc (edit | history)

This template is to be used for inserting images in the Citizendium. Please use this template instead of the image insertion coding.

This template will automatically insert a credit line into the image, if the credit subpage of the image was created.


When inserting an image use the following code

{{Image|image name|position|size|caption}}

Image Name:This is the page name of the image. Do not include namespace. So, "Classical elements.png" not "Image:Classical elements.png."

Position: acceptable values are "right", "left", "center"

Size: use a numeric pixel value followed by "px" without spaces. So "250px" not "250 px". Percentage values may work but I haven't tested it.

Caption: any text in the last field is inserted as is. Piped links may have to use the pipe substitution template {{!}}.

Known Quirks

Spaces before pipe characters will short-circuit the code and block some of the functionality. See Template:Image/Issues.


{{Image|Classical elements.png|center|250px|A graphical representation of the Aristotelian elements}}
CC Image
A graphical representation of the Aristotelian elements