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D. Bruce Brown has lived in five countries on four continents and brings a scholar’s approach to many subjects. His travels in 26 countries and 46 states grant a perspective seen by only a few.

After working in the field of life and health insurance for more than three years, Mr. Brown was introduced to franchise management. As West Coast Area Manager for start-up Bio-Energy in San Francisco, he was responsible for the company’s entire revenue stream before the company was purchased.

While Manager of Marketing for ComputerLand Canada in Toronto, he participated in the explosive growth of this computer retailing giant in the mid-1980s. Beginning with a ground-floor subsidiary of a successful U.S. concept, Mr. Brown was instrumental in seeing the company grow to forty-five units, each averaging over $1,000,000 in monthly revenue. The company and the outlets were purchased by Bell Canada, Canada’s most profitable corporation.

Once again taking a successful U.S. franchise company north of the border, Mr. Brown was the driving force behind the establishment of 23 Canadian units of AlphaGraphics, a high-tech print shop chain. His work with ComputerLand and as General Manager of AlphaGraphics attracted the attention of the Canadian Franchise Association, who then invited him to serve on their board of directors. After serving for seven years, he was elected chairman, where he was successful, among other things, in integrating the Quebec franchises into the Canadian franchise community.

For the last seven years of the 20th century, Mr. Brown was associated with Sylvan Learning Systems of Baltimore, MD. Most notably, he was responsible for the growth and distribution of over 400 high-tech testing facilities in the North American Sylvan franchise network.

He is a graduate of the world’s largest private university, Brigham Young University and attended George Mason Law School in Washington, DC.

In spite of his lengthy success in business, Mr. Brown is perhaps best know for his work in baseball trivia where he and his partner, T. Scott Brandon, have been daily for 12 years, sending intriguing questions to interested parties.