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Note: generally I'm not using this wikitable any more, but may look at it from time to time.

Click on the traffic statistics twice so the most popular articles come first; that's what people want, and it will help CZ if we have an improved version of hot articles here. Hopefully this will drive traffic here.

Article Estimated daily traffic on Wikipedia My contribution Needs updating? Yes or no Notes
Handyman 100 revamped on WP Yes HB spruced
Philosophy of Spinoza 100 Wrote on WP Yes Wrote on WP but it got destroyed by clumsy grad student who can't write; needs Curley data; could benefit with political philosophy sections, breaking apart into proper sections
Julian Hatton 7 Wrote on WP American abstract landscape artist, his landscapes look like food
Dana Delany 2500 Revamped on WP, ported No Lots of information good filmography, as she does new things should keep this up to date
Georgina Starr 10 Revamped on WP, ported No British artist who smashes stuff in public "performance art"
Lady Gaga 65000 Rewrote on CZ much new info Yes 12th most popular article on WP in Dec 2009 with 90K views PER DAY, but added new material and rewrote it somewhat to improve it.
The Fame 6000 Wrote on CZ No hot first album by Lady Gaga. Added new information (some references from WP) but mostly rewritten. Shorter than the WP version but with less extraneous stuff.
Script kiddie 75000 Rewrote on CZ, added new info & references No , rewrote it, ported some parts, added new references and tried to spruce it up. It's the 11th most popular article on WP in Dec 2009 with 100,000 views per day.
Search engine optimization 6000 Ported, rewrote, kept references, added pictures No ported from WP, rewrote it, kept references, added new pictures. This gets 6000 hits PER DAY on WP, and is also a list of "keywords driving traffic"; hopefully it will boost traffic here to CZ. There are a slew of related articles which can be added too.
SERP 200 Rewrote No Traffic driver
Acai berry 3000 Wrote on CZ No ported but rewrote so it's better I hope than the WP version.
James M. Bennett 10 Wrote on WP, ported Yes ported version from WP (which I wrote on WP). Nonpartisan FairTax activist in US.
FairTax 400 Ported from WP Yes FairTax which I support (but will strive for neutrality) which gets 500 readers PER DAY -- not too shabby.
Naruto 12000 Wrote on CZ with some info from WP No wrote; hot pop culture topic, Japanese anime phenomenon, often gets 16K readers per day on WP, hopefully more here on CZ.
Digital versatile disk 5000 Wrote on CZ with some WP info No ported but rewrote so its better. DVD redirects to it. Traffic driver.
Quiz show 350 Wrote on CZ No wrote originally on CZ. Redirected What is the to Quiz Show.
Skive 70 Wrote on CZ. No. wrote originally on CZ. British term which sounds like it means.
Elin Nordegren 2000 Wrote on CZ with some info from WP. No. wrote on CZ (with some guidance from WP).
Jamie Cullum 1400 Wrote on CZ. No wrote fresh on CZ. Great musician!
Sanford Levinson 25 Wrote on WP, ported. No. Good references, interesting academic. HB spruced so its better.
2012 15000 Wrote it. New material. CZ policy says don't do an article about a year, right? But it's a traffic driver. No CZer said "don't do it".
apple tree 70 "Apple" gets 5000 views/day on WP
bar code 100
biology articles 1 Yes. this is a traffic driver? I don't get it. WP doesn't have an article with this exact title -- is this an opportunity?
Brittany Murphy 10000 Rewrote LEDE, ported, added info No a burnout topic? Dropoff in interest as time goes by. But -- interest will renew with new films or possibly new revelations. Estimate about 70% of material is from WP.
canis 300
cat adoption 0 Wrote from scratch (couldn't resist this pun) No. Again NO article with this title on WP; opportunity?but according to DM it's a traffic driver
Chester Alan Arthur 1400 "Chester A. Arthur" gets 1400 readers/day
chester 550 Town in Britain? Gets 550/day
christmas tree 500
Content Management System 3500 Wrote on CZ. No. Note: cms redirects to it, traffic driver.
craig 60
crm 5000 "Customer relationship management" gets 5000/day, what it probably refers to; problems with the WP article; "Cause related marketing" gets 200; "Civil rights movement" gets 2000/views day
default risk 600 "Credit risk" on WP gets 600
electric 4000 "Electricity" gets 4000
energy 5000
english 1000 Note can refer to English language or English people or even English major
famous tennis players CZ has good stuff here courtesy HP.
function 350 WP "function" disamb page gets 350
gmail 5000
grant grant=disamb page gets 160/day
greek letters 10000 greek letters --> Greek alphabet
greek 1000
hanukkah 1300 Note: statistics for March; in December this rises to 36000/day
hdmi 10000 Wrote mostly new, borrowed some WP sections, trimmed. No. The WP article is highly POV with a group of pro-HDMI writers overdoing the tech specs.
house house house (the building) gets 3000; house (disamb) gets 1500/day; the TV show? that gets 20000/day; figures
internet marketing 2000
led 5000 Led --> "Light-emitting diode" gets 5000 The light?
mixi Mixi = social networking site in Japan (300) the musician gets 50; so what's going on here?
music work WP lacks an article about this; opportunity? Closest = Music @ work an album by Canadian rock band
nas 6000 "Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones" = hot rappper & actor
panamax 500 Ships?
piece piece (disamb) only 200/day; piece (firearm) gets 800;
press release 700 WP article gets very little attention.
rational 1600 "rationality" gets 500; "rational number" gets 1600
risk 1500 WP flag says "expert needed" for their article
saturn 5000
scrubs 12000 Wrote it here. No. TV show gets much traffic.
Search engine optimization 6000 Wrote on CZ with some stuff from WP. redirected SEO to it.
SIPRNET 200 Spelled "SIPRNet" on WP; gets 200/day; short article on WP; opportunity?
statistical software 300 statistical software (we have free statistical software) "Statistical software" --> redirects to "List of statistical packages" gets 300 on WP
tennis player tennis players is a hot topic too.
trade 1100 WP article LEDE is well written.
Unobtanium 2000 Others wrote on CZ. Don't know. traffic driver; written.
usenet 2600 Yes traffic driver CZ should definitely have this!
vapor 300 Note: UK spelling = vapour
voip 3000 Traffic driver. WP tags asks "expert needed here"
vpn 4000 Traffic driver. "Virtual private network" has tags saying "expert needed"
zero point energy 1000 Traffic driver; science topic; WP spelling = "Zero-point energy"
Intron 700 Suggested additions in a sandbox; added pictures, text Defer to science authors & editors on CZ.
Love 16000 Wrote 70% fresh, ported (& rewrote) 30% No CZ has sex but no love? Instructive. Online encyclopedias have a male orientation? This will change. Big traffic driver. Right now Romantic love is written. Wrote Bromance, wrote Love I think we're in good shape here; hope it brings in customers.
Gran Torino 1000 movie; song by Jamie Cullum "Gran Torino" --> redirects to "Ford Torino" which gets 1000/day -- the film "Gran Torino" gets 3000/day because it was released not long ago; stars Clint Eastwood
History of citizenship in the United States 150 Wrote on WP; in sandbox Yes Suggestions from sharp CZers about how to fix; will fix; important topic; concerns about original research; maybe parts of article should be signed?
Terrorism prevention strategies Wrote on WP; got destroyed by POV admin; in sandbox Yes Will work with HB when there's a strategy for dealing with terrorism related articles
Dentistry 1000 I know a dentist who can help me with this one and let me take pictures etc.
brain morphometry DM says contributions welcome, tops SERP page
gyrification DM says contributions welcome, tops SERP page
cortical thickness DM says contributions welcome, tops SERP page